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Foundation Design

  • Reinforced concrete, non-piled, ballasted gravity structure
  • Caters for water depths up to 60m
  • Suits larger turbine sizes up to an anticipated 8MW
  • The design minimises the need for seabed preparation by accommodating existing seabed slopes and surface sediments
  • The design incorporates skirt variants to suit seabed soil conditions
  • Designs can be standardised across individual or multiple sites to enable cost optimisation
  • Collar design for the turbine mast connection can accommodate ~2° vertical alignment tolerance
  • Offers life cycle carbon footprint benefits through material selection
  • Unlike many alternatives, the design offers the potential to repower without foundation replacement

Principal Data

Key figures for 35m water depth, Central North Sea environmental conditions and 6MW can be found below:

Hub height above LAT 90m
Outer diameter, caisson 31m
Outer diameter, top of shaft 6.5m
Concrete volume 2,800m³
Steel reinforcement 840 tonne

CGF Design