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Offshore wind farms are capital intensive projects and turbine foundations represent a quarter of their total delivery cost.

The renewable industry is looking for creative yet dependable new approaches to drive down this cost, whilst optimising installation flexibility and facilitating improved operation and maintenance.

Optimum foundation selection is a function of the variables of water depth, turbine size and wind farm location conditions. As the water depth and turbine size increase, the applicability of steel monopiles becomes limited.

This limit is further constrained by the harsher installation and operating conditions that prevail as the wind farm locations become progressively further offshore.

There is also a need to achieve greater flexibility through the supply chain that can increase the market’s capacity and avoid dependency on large scale steel tubulars.

GRAVITAS has drawn on its extensive experience in engineering and executing civil and marine projects to offer a CGF solution which meets these challenges.

Our solution is self-buoyant and is towed to site using standard tugs

No bespoke transportation vessel required

No heavy lift vessel required

Verticality of WTG achieved using adapter ring at interface between foundation and WTG tower.

Standard concrete construction techniques

Potential for significant unit cost savings with mass production.